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Product description

The sheets are a nano-sized rubber wear-resistant film with 92% alumina ceramics and a CN layer, prepared for easy deformation during installation.


Soft mining of earth's formations and gravel.


High wear resistance when working with sliding and high-speed materials, especially where the material has a small impact angle. The best efficiency is in the range of temperatures - 30ºC / + 70ºC.

Standard sizes

500x500x8 mm (ceramic tile 10x10x5 mm)

500x500x8 mm (ceramic tile 20x20x5 mm)

Fixation scheme

Surface preparation

1. The metal surface must be free of dirt, rust and other deposits. The best way is sandblasting the surface or to use a grinder.

2. Grease the metal surface with a solvent.

Gluing stages

1. Apply glue to a metal surface and allow to dry for 30 minutes.

2. Apply glue to surface of the contact layer of the mounting sheet and allow it to dry for 30 minutes.

3. Apply a second layer of glue to the metal surface.

4. Apply a second layer of glue to the contact surface of the mounting sheet.

5. Connect the surfaces.

6. Make sure that all air bubbles are removed. Use a roller and hammer without recoil. The withdrawal of bubbles start in the middle and lead to the edges.

NOTE! Maximum adhesive strength is achieved after 24 hours