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Adhesive composition CeraFix EPO for ceramic lining application

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Product description:

Universal two-component adhesive on an epoxy basis with a complex mineral extender.

Application: It is designed for gluing ceramic mosaic mats onto metal surfaces of conveying and mining equipment.

This adhesive composition is a proprietary product, manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation, fully complies with all requirements for adhesion in Metal-Ceramics compounds, that would not disgrace foreign analogues.

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Epoxide resin 


Nonsettling viscous paste 

Mixture rating 

Base: 71.4% (mass)

Solidifier: 28.6% (mass)




1,12 ÷ 1,16 g/sm3.


Acetone: mixture of acetone (50%) and isopropyl (50%) 

Dry solids content (complex flame-retardant filler) 

49% (mass) 

Lifetime before polymerization (under Т=20±2°С)

Not less than 70 minutes 

Time to achieve transport strength (under Т=20±2°С)

16 hours 

Time to achieve maximal strength (under Т=20±2°С)

3 days

Adhesion to steel and ceramics, not less than 

50 MPa 

Expiry date 

12 months from the date of issue when stored at a temperature of 5 ºC to 30 ºC and a relative humidity not more than 80%. Direct sunlight is not allowed. 

Composite material for protection of metal surfaces against abrasive and erosive wear

The fine-grained composition (with arbitrary-shaped agents) for protection against wear during sliding is intended for repair and restoration of any metal surfaces that are subject to strong abrasion, erosion / corrosion.
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Reliable protection of new and worn metal surfaces up to 10 mm thickness. For application the material a pallet or a plastic applicator are used. One set consists of two components: A (4 kg) and B (1 kg). The material is produced in white color. The average consumption, depending on the size of the fraction, per 1 square meter is 5-6 kg of mix if the thickness of a layer is no more than 3-4 mm.
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