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Components for conveyor equipment


Siberian Lining Company LLC. offers to supply high-quality components for conveyor equipment from leading manufacturers.

Installation of additional components on the conveyor equipment allows to increase the efficiency and productivity of the installed equipment and facilitate its operation at the enterprises of the mining and processing complex.

In our catalog you will find conveyor components of different types and sizes, possessing high maintainability and ease of installation. 

Lining of belt conveyor pulleys

фото 20.JPG IMG_5180-05-12-16-04-11.jpeg   9.png 10.png

                              Ceramic lining                                                                                                                            Rubber lining


Rubber-ceramic lining

14 — копия.png  15.png  16.png  17.png

                   Slide-lag replaceable lining                                                                                Bolt-on replaceable lining

Cleaners for conveyor belt 

18.png                 19.png                                                   20.png
                         Primary & Secondary belt cleaner                                                                                                     V-Plow belt cleaner

21.png                                 23.png                    24.png                                       22.png

Polyurethane & Alloy belt cleaner                                           H-Type and P-Type belt scraper                                                                     Brush Belt Cleaner

Conveyor Sealing System

The conveyor sealing system includes various types of beads and skirts for fencing the edges, which allows to hold the material on the conveyor belt, extinguish dust and avoid spilling in the loading area. The great advantage of installing seals and skirts is the extension of the service life of mechanisms by eliminating the ingress of spilled materials and dust on the components of the drive systeme.

25.png                                        26.png                                            27.png                                       28.png

       Dual seal skirt                                         T-Type Rubber Skirt                                             Flat Rubber Skirt                                   Polyurethane Skirt

Conveyor impact bed and bars

Conveyor impact beds protect the conveyor belt in the material loading area and during material transportation by absorbing the impact energy of the falling material. Beds are equipped with replaceable impact bars.

The design of the impact bed can be made according to the individual operating conditions of the equipment.

The impact bars consist of three main parts: a plate of UHMWPE, cushioning rubber, a frame made of especially strong alloying steel. These three parts are interconnected by the method of hot vulcanization. This design ensures the high quality of the connection of all components and their integrity during operation and under the impact force of falling material. UHMWPE ensures smooth movement of the conveyor belt, cushioning rubber absorbs the impact energy, the steel T-shaped groove makes it easy to attach the bar to the main support frame.

29.png  30.png  31.png   32.png

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