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Bimetal plates

Product description  
Wear-resistant composite steel plates consist of 40-60% chromium carbide alloy deposited on a steel substrate using arc welding. The base steel layer assumes mechanical stress, and the welded layer, with a high content of chromium carbide, is resistant against corrosion and is used as protection in extremely corrosive media. Surface hardness of the welded layer can reach HRC 67.

Main components of the welded layer: C 3.0-5.0 % and Cr 25-40 %. The high wear resistance is provided by large amount of Cr7C3 solid chromium carbide particles (microhardness p to HV 1800).

Thickness of the welded layer can be from 3 up to 20 mm.

Minimal thickness of the steel substrate is 6 mm and further without restrictions.

Standard plate size: 1200x2000 mm, 1450x2900 mm. It is possible to cut to the required size and geometry in accordance with the Customer’s drawings. 


Advantages of bimetals: 

- resistant to temperature drops up to 800 Kelvin degree
- have high impact and wear resistance. Wear resistance in 12-20 times higher than of standard steels, in 5-10 times higher than low alloy steel plates, and in 2-3 times higher than chrome cast iron.
- able to withstand high temperatures – ap to 600ºС.
- able to withstand the impact of acids, salt solutions and organic solvents,
- have high resistance against electrochemical corrosion.

Application: mining industry, steel industry, cement industry, energy industry, port terminals.




Wear resistant composite steel pipes (from bimetals)


  The usage of bimetals allows to increase the service life of equipment by 10 times!!! in comparison with wear-resistant steels under the same working conditions.