Main processing plant "Schedrukhinskaya"
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Main processing plant "Schedrukhinskaya"

As a part of pilot production at the Main processing plant "Schedrukhinskaya" (TopProm Holding company), it was made lining by wear-resistant ceramics based on AI2O3 92% of the transition cone D=150-200 mm at the discharge connection of the Warman 8/6 pump.
This cone was supplied by SLC LLC. to the factory in March 2018. Installation was made on 03/27/2018.

As of 08/10/2018, an autopsy and visual inspection showed only 5% of wear on ceramics.
Previously, the change of the metal cone occurred every 14 days.  In case of two-layer surfacing with wear-resistant electrodes - every 30 days.
Thus, at the moment the operating time on ceramics has made more than 6 months at the planned term of operation not less than 12 months.

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